Rick Ross Seeks Inexperienced Flight Attendant for Long-Term Position

Famous artist and business owner, Rick Ross, has just revealed an exciting job opening for seasoned flight attendants who want to join his aviation team on his luxury private jet, Maybach Air. Posted on Ross’s Instagram stories, the job comes with a competitive annual salary ranging from $85,000 to $115,000.

While the compensation for private jet flight attendants may be higher than that of their commercial counterparts, it falls short of the impressive salaries earned by corporate flight attendants, which can exceed $200,000 annually in certain coastal areas, not including additional benefits.

Potential applicants should be ready for extensive travel, possess prior experience as flight attendants, and maintain a positive attitude. Considering Ross’s past incidents of seizures during flights, candidates should also be equipped to handle emergencies and administer CPR when necessary.

Aside from ensuring a smooth flight, the selected flight attendant should also be responsible for managing Ross’s numerous agreements and should be prepared to be highly accountable and available. It is recommended that applicants inquire about potential additional expenses, like accommodation and daily allowances, when going through the interview stage.

The flight attendant chosen for this role may need to sign a nondisclosure agreement due to the private nature of Ross’s jet. Despite Ross’s controversial reputation, potential candidates should be ready for potential challenges in the workplace.

This job in aviation offers a unique chance to work closely with a prominent artist and entrepreneur. The successful flight attendant will accompany Ross on trips to his sprawling estate in Fayetteville, his home in Miami, and other destinations. It’s important to keep in mind that while the role may seem glamorous, applicants must be able to fulfill the demands of the position.

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