“How a Brave Canine Endured Days of Trauma and Pain Before Collapsing by the River” – A Heartwarming Animal Story for Pet Lovers

He was discovered lying on a harsh terrain, shivering due to the cold and hunger. It seemed like he had been wandering around and going through an immense amount of pain for quite some time. The questions that arose were how long had he been there, what led him to this state, and how severe were his injuries? Upon observation, Fahrudin realized that the dog was unable to stand up.

Fahrudin expressed concern about the state of the puppy that was rescued in Sarajevo earlier today. He feared that the puppy may be unable to walk or run again due to its terrible condition. The puppy, who he named Cuko, was taken to a veterinarian for examination. The X-ray revealed that the puppy was heavily infested with sacmi, and had survived a gunshot wound. The X-ray also showed that two sacmi were lodged in the puppy’s spine. The veterinarian decided to perform surgery to remove the sac from Cuko’s nose and attempt to retrieve the bullet from his spine. No one could predict the outcome of the surgery.

Just picture the terror that must have consumed this little creature as bullets were fired in his direction. The pitiful sounds of agony he must have made! He must have been so scared and distressed, on top of being desperately hungry and thirsty.

The veterinarians were working tirelessly to save Cuko’s life. Despite being shot by an unidentified individual with buckshot, he has managed to hold on for six days and is determined to keep fighting. Unfortunately, Cuko is now disabled due to the unfortunate incident that occurred when he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

According to the veterinarian, the upcoming days will focus on improving his physical strength before assessing if he can undergo a surgery to extract the buckshot from his spine and whether it is possible for him to regain the ability to walk.

At present, one thing is certain – our determination to assist him is equivalent to his determination to survive. Judging by what we have witnessed so far, his determination to survive is incredibly strong!

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