Heartwarming Rescue: Abused Dog Found in Trash with Limited Head Mobility

If it weren’t for a kind-hearted individual who discovered him in a landfill, Charlie the Pit Bull would have met his demise. Nikki Rubino stumbled upon Charlie as he lay among the waste near a garbage bin. He was in a sorry state – sporting head injuries, grime all over his body, and insect bites.

Nikki’s Facebook feed caught her attention with a post about a pooch left in the litter near a park. As a veteran vet tech, she instinctively knew that the pup was on his last legs. Charlie, as she would later learn, barely responded when Nikki went over to set him free from the pole he was tied to. It was astounding how the dog managed to even lift his head after what he had been through.

Nikki and her buddy managed to get the Pitbull into their vehicle and swiftly drove him to the Philadelphia Animal Hospital. However, his condition has been deemed “precarious” ever since. Nevertheless, numerous people have come forward to support the 2-year-old dog’s recuperation.

The Philadelphia Animal Hospital recently shared an important message on their Facebook page regarding animal abuse. The post featured a distressing image and highlighted the sad reality that such incidents are not uncommon. The hospital expressed their empathy towards innocent animals who face such cruelty and assured that they are doing their best to help Charlie, a friendly dog who is currently in good health, to recover from his ordeal.

An inquiry is being carried out by the Humane Law Enforcement Unit of the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty towards Animals to identify the person responsible for injuring Charlie. The PSPCA confirms that Charlie has a microchip that was inserted by their organization during the front clinic and vaccination clinic services they provided. Charlie’s injuries suggest that he was utilized as a pawn in dog fights.

To prevent plagiarism, the Philadelphia Animal Hospital has asked that any other donations for Charlie be directed to the City of Elderly Love: Save a Senior Companion organization. According to a post on their Facebook page, the City of Elderly Love stated that even though Charlie is not their normal rescue, they will be responsible for his aftercare because they are the only rescue partner for the Philadelphia Animal Hospital. Charlie was taken to the perfect place by his kind finders. The hospital will provide him with free treatment and care, and everyone is hopeful that the exceptional Philadelphia Humane Law Enforcement team will catch those who hurt Charlie.

It has been a few days since Charlie’s rescue on October 26, 2017, and there are positive signs that he is on the road to recovery. The doctors are still concerned about the possibility of Charlie contracting sepsis due to his incisions, but overall, things are looking up. Three days after his rescue, on October 29th, Charlie was seen happily galloping around the treatment facility.
The rescue organization has stated that Charlie has already gone through the toughest part of his journey, but there is no fixed timeline for his rehabilitation. They are taking things day by day and focusing on his well-being. Tomorrow, Charlie is scheduled for another surgery to remove more necrotic tissue from his face. Although he will require multiple surgeries, Charlie is currently comfortable and in good spirits.
As he recovers, Charlie’s rescuers are making sure that he gets plenty of rest and affection.

The animal hospital shared that Charlie, the dog, will have to undergo a surgery tomorrow to remove the damaged tissue from his snout and muzzle. This will be the initial procedure in a series of operations that he needs, but it’s definitely a positive step towards his recovery. Charlie is now eating well and feels more at ease compared to before. It’s really heartwarming to know that there are compassionate people like Nikki, as well as rescuers and doctors, who are putting in all their effort to save Charlie’s life and give him a chance for a bright future. Let’s spread the word by sharing this article with our loved ones and friends!

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